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24, 80's music, alice morgan, andrew bird, arrested development, barnes & noble, being a smushball, ben wyatt: human disaster, breaking bad, bruce springsteen, bubble tea, christmas, classic rock, coffee, creativity, dance, dexter, dr. cox's rants, dukbokki, dunder mifflin, earth day, excessive gif usage, flavor blasted goldfish, fry/leela, futurama, game of thrones, gregory bill the unicorn, harry potter, haymitch abernathy, idris elba, jack bauer, jack's junk in jeans, jack/renee, jamba juice, jesse pinkman, jim halpert, jim/pam, john "j.d." dorian, kanye west, kpop, led zeppelin, leverage, li'l sebastian, lie to me, lisa edelstein, lumpy space princess, luther, making bad puns, marie schrader, married with children, marxism, may 17 2010 ♥, modern family, mulder + leather jacket, mulder/scully, my amazing friends, new york city, new york yankees, nine/rose, outnumbered, parks and recreation, raising hope, random acts of kindness, scrubs, sharing music, sidewalk chalk, starbucks, tangled, terry pratchett, the good wife, the hunger games, the lone gunmen, the office, the x-files, tony almeida before s7, wall-e, walter skinner, wet hot american summer, zach braff

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